Food and Nutrition Guide for Male Sexual Health

In order to have better sex it is necessary to keep the penis and reproductive organs in a healthy state. For optimum performance and for increased libido, it is vital to keep the arteries healthy in order to allow increased blood flow to the penis.Asides from promoting a healthy blood flow, it is also important to maintain overall health of organs, and to increase energy levels. Various male enhancement supplements and pills can be taken by men with erectile dysfunction and low libido, which contain high levels of nutritional ingredients containing properties very effective at achieving the desired results.The Role of Testosterone in Male Sexual HealthTestosterone is the prominent male sex hormone produced by the testicles and adrenal glands, and is crucial in the development of male characteristics of genital sexual progression. Testosterone is vital in the functions of penis growth, muscle development, sperm production, and sex drive in regards to genital sexual health. In order to increase libido and counter erectile dysfunction it is necessary to increase testosterone levels.The Causes of Low Libido and Erectile DysfunctionBefore attempting to find a remedy to treat sexual dysfunction problems, it would be wise to review what has caused it first and try to rectify it naturally.1. Nicotine – smoking tobacco can be a contributory cause of impotence because nicotine acts as a vasocontrictor tightening blood vessels hence restricting blood flow to the penis. In the long term it might cause permanent damage to the arteries.Studies have shown that a greater proportion of men affected with impotence are smokers.2. Caffeine – caffeine also acts as a vasoconstrictor and it also raises blood pressure, which is associated with infertility and low libido. Medical studies show high levels of caffeine decrease levels of testosterone due to the stress on the adrenal glands.3. Glucose – having high blood sugar levels damages the walls of the arteries and nerve cells, which has an impact on blood flow and maintaining an erection.4. Cholesterol – high levels of cholesterol cause fatty deposits to accumulate on artery walls reducing the ability of the vessels to dilate properly hence restricting blood flow.Many foodstuffs, including herbs and roots, contain essential vitamins, fatty oils, and nutrients that are very effective in maintaining healthy blood flow and keeping the arteries healthy. Some foods to consider to combat erectile dysfunction are listed here. The multi benefits of not only enhancing sexual performance but also keeping heart and skin healthy is a great reason to change to a balanced well nutritioned diet.Foods to Enhance Sexual Performance1. Spicy foods increase heart rate and causes vessels to expand pumping blood around the body. Eating chilli pepper and jalapenos will increase blood circulation.2. Seafood contain high levels of Omega-3 acids that maintain healthy heart and blood flow. Salmon, oysters, shellfish will promote healthier blood flow.3. Green vegetables contain high levels of antioxidants for better blood circulation and zinc for testorone production. Eating spinach, brocolli, artichoke, and asparagus is good for improving sexual function.4. Fruit also contain high levels of vitamins essential in maintaining healthy organs and blood flow. Watermelon, Pomegranate, and Papaya notably act like a natural viagra acting as a vasodilator expanding blood vessels promoting increased blood flow.5. Seeds and Nuts contain high levels of fibre and zinc. Try almonds, peanuts, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds to improve circulatory health.6. Multi vitamin health roots like ginseng and gingko biloba can treat impotence and maintain sexual vigour.Foods to Enhance Testosterone Levels1. Cruciferous Vegetables – brocolli, cauliflower, radishes, turnips, cabbage, brussel sprouts2. Oysters – high levels of zinc increases sperm production3. Avocados – contains vitamins B6 and folic acid to increase hormone production4. Eggs – contain high levels of vitamins B5 and B65. Red Meats and Poultry – beef, lamb, chicken, turkey all contain high levels of zincHaving higher levels of testosterone will promote good sexual health and development, in addition to giving you more energy. Men with higher testosterone levels are able to enjoy more sex.In considering adapting your diet to reach your goals can be time consuming and abiding to a strict routine difficult; that’s why many men turn to supplements, which contain the ingredients that have the same effects and desired results, but also in much higher concentrated form, so more is gained from less. A natural herbal male enhancement supplement such as MaleExtra contain all natural ingredients including Pomegranate Ellagic Acid, Omega-3 Acids, Flaxseed, and Ginseng, along with various other plant extracts, roots, and natural aphrodisiacs, is a good option to treat erectile dysfunction and increase the size of your penis.